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Faculty Introduction
Experimental center of Faculty of Earth Resource
Faculty Office of Party and Government
Teaching Staff
Subject Construction
Undergraduate Education
Postgraduate Education
Experiment Teaching
Student Work
Department of Resource Science and Engineering
Department of Petroleum and Natural Gas Engineeri
Department of Land Resources Management
Department of Marine Science and Engineering
Department of Coal and Coal Bed Methane Engineerin
Research Institute of Sedimentary Basin and Sedime
Research Institute of Mathematical Geology and Rem

The Faculty of Resources, characterized by resource science and engineering, combining engineering education with scientific research, is a faculty where groups more superior disciplines and specialties. After the pi-oneering and growing for nearly half century, the Faculty of Resources has developed into an important base for geosciences engineering education and scientific research, with a state-level key discipline, a inister-ial-level open laboratories, a quantitative geosciences research center as well as 3 departments and 6 esear- ch institutes. The faculty sets up a center for post-doctoral study. Three academic programs are authorized to grant Doctor’s degree, 4 academic programs to grant Master’s degree. The three majors—Resource Prospecting Engineering, Petroleum Engineering, Land Resources Management recruit students for 4-year study. Among them, the Resource Prospecting Engineering takes on the great task of establishing the geological engineering basi- c class for the Ministry of State Land Resources. So far, the faculty has trained over 6,500 highly qualified professionals at various levels for our country including 5 cademicians, some of whom have become noted geos- cientists both at home and abroad. At present, the Faculty of Resources comprises 3 departments—the Department of Resource Science and

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